Beatrice joined the Ascendis team in 2017.


With an experience of more than 16 years in organization development and having successfully carried out management activities in well-known companies, from various fields of activity, Beatrice is a supporter of participative learning methods that are based on the trainees’ intrinsic motivation and a high degree of interactivity.   


At the moment she prepares and supports programs that start from concepts and experiences on management, efficient communication, persuasiveness and influence, emotional intelligence, performance management, conflict management, the development of one’s personal image, efficient meetings and time management.


She believes herself to be a supporter of the organizations’ welfare, which is why she dedicated a part of her time to this subject, contributing to a change of perspective towards the understanding of this concept in its wider meaning, which she summarized using the phrase: the organization and the employees, in an optimum balance for performance.


She is a sociologists, a graduate of Bucharest University and has post-graduate studies in Communication and the Management of Human Resources. She is certified in Management  (Open University) and Human Resources (CIPD).


She dedicates her free time to family activities, which include hiking and scouting.